Reasons to Choose Professional Chairside Teeth Whitening

23 Jan 2018

Reasons to Choose Professional Chairside Teeth Whitening

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” -Will Rogers

Teeth often make a huge impact on your appearance and they can affect personal and professional relationships more than most folks would imagine. People love sparkly bright smiles and here are some reasons chairside whitening performed by a dentist is your best bet.

1. Better* Results with Higher Concentration of Bleaching Agent

*As compared to non-professional teeth whitening treatments

Whitening gels available in dental clinics have higher levels of concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the primary chemical agent used to whiten teeth, than what you can buy over the counter.  

As hydrogen peroxide is potentially corrosive at high concentration and may worsen pre-existing teeth and gum problems such as gingivitis, periodontal disease and gingival lesions, the Health Sciences Authority limits hydrogen peroxide concentration in consumer’s teeth whitening products available in Singapore to a maximum of 0.1%. Teeth whitening products which exceed 0.1% in hydrogen peroxide concentration can only be supplied to registered dental practitioners and used under supervision.

On the other hand, salons offering teeth whitening do not use hydrogen peroxide, since it can only be prescribed by a dental professional. They typically use salt solutions or other gels without peroxide. These are ineffective in whitening teeth significantly. Although they may use blue wavelength light, it does not actually whiten teeth. Blue light only accelerates the breakdown of peroxide in whitening, if peroxide is used.

The whitening gel used in dental chairside whitening contains about 25% hydrogen peroxide and is buffered at a near-neutral pH value that is compatible with your tooth enamel, producing better results with reduced risk of sensitivity, compared to its consumer counterparts.

2. Teeth Whitening Is Safer When Done By A Dental Professional

Whitening treatments carried out by dental professionals are safe and effective.

Dental examinations are always carried out prior to any in-clinic whitening treatment to assess for pre-existing teeth and gum problems such as gingivitis, and periodontal disease. This ensures that your teeth are suitable for whitening and that any dental disease is treated.

On the other hand, getting teeth whitening treatments at beauty salons or online can be damaging:

  1. Improper use of blue light: Staff in salons may be untrained, and do not cover your gums and skin properly before using their blue lamps, which may emit heat, unlike the ones dentists use. This can result in burns to your gums or skin, or injure damage the nerves in your teeth. Similarly, personal LED-emitting devices found online may produce heat as well.
  2. Unregulated solutions with hydrogen peroxide: Administering high-peroxide concentration solutions by yourself can burn your gums. It can also lead to ulcers, infection, or cause your gums to recede. It is important to check if your teeth and gums are in good condition and protected for teeth whitening.
  3. Over-using over-the-counter treatments: There are some inevitable risks involved with over-the-counter home teeth-whitening treatments such as over-usage or inappropriate application which can do damage to your teeth or gums.

However, when the process is administered by a dentist, you can be reassured that your teeth are in good hands. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, dental professionals are able to assess the cause of your teeth discolouration and, thereafter, recommend the most suitable whitening treatment.

Your dentist can also address any concerns you may have about the process or the condition of your teeth at any point in time before, during and after your treatment. Potential issues such as sensitivity will also be better managed with the care of a professional.

3. Professional Whitening Is Faster*

*As compared to over-the-counter products or non-peroxide based treatments

Consumer or over-the-counter teeth whitening products typically require mid to long-term use to be effective and often requires continuous upkeep which in some cases can lead to tooth and gum sensitivity.

Chairside whitening done in a clinic is a single 60 to 90-minute session procedure with results generally lasting an average of  8 to 12 months, depending on maintenance and individual lifestyle habits. Most patients would follow up with a take-home whitening kit to maintain the results of their chairside whitening session.

Convinced that chairside whitening is your solution for attaining a set of whiter teeth this year? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy Chairside Teeth Whitening by our dentist at $700 nett.

Think you’re not ready for chairside whitening treatment? We still have some tips for you to achieve a brighter smile in the coming year. Read 7 hacks for whiter teeth, brighter smiles for 2018 to find out more.

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