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Crowns are also known as “caps”. They fit over or “cap” the existing tooth, covering everything you see above the gum.

A crown is used to conceal a large filling, rebuild a broken or fractured tooth, protect a tooth after root canal treatment, or for cosmetic dental purposes.

It is also used as a restoration over a dental implant to replace a missing tooth.

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What Is a Dental Crown Used For?

Dental crowns can be used for many reasons, including:

  • Restoring a chipped, cracked or worn down tooth
  • Protecting a weak tooth, such as a tooth with a root canal
  • Supporting a dental bridge
  • Concealing a large filling
  • Restoration over a dental implant
  • Cosmetic dental purposes, like covering misshapen or discoloured teeth

What Are The Different Types of Dental Crowns?

A dental crown or permanent tooth cap can be made of metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or full-ceramic (porcelain), suiting anyone’s needs and budget.

Metal crowns tend to last the longest, rarely chipping or breaking, and cause minimum wear to the opposing teeth. Because of their colour, these crowns are best used for molars.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns can be colour-matched to the natural tooth. These crowns have a metal base that can be completely or partially covered by porcelain, according to the patient’s occlusion, tooth height and function. They have good clinical longevity and have a proven track record of more than 70 years. They are more durable than all ceramic crowns. However, there is a higher chance of them chipping or breaking as oppose to all-metal crowns.

All Ceramic (Porcelain Crowns) provide the best natural colour-match and translucency, but are not as strong as metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. They are a good choice for front teeth. All ceramic crowns are available in Lithium Disillicate (EMAX) or Zirconia (Layered/ Monolithic).

What Is The Process Of Getting A Dental Crown?

A typical dental crown requires at least 2 visits.

First Visit: Tooth preparation and a dental impression are performed on the first visit.
The tooth preparation allows for adequate room for the crown.
The prepared tooth will be protected with a temporary crown in between visits.

Second Visit: The crown is ready for fit on the second visit. The crown is cemented once the patient and dentist are satisfied with it.

How long do dental crowns/ tooth caps last?
A dental crown can last anywhere between 5 and an average of 10 to 15 years, depending on the amount of remaining tooth structure and other patient factors. Crowns should be brushed and flossed, just like cleaning natural teeth. Crowns may not be as strong as natural teeth, so it is important to remember not to bite down on hard objects or use your teeth to open or cut things – this is also not advisable with a set of natural teeth.

Cerec Digital Crown

Modern aesthetic ceramic restorations use digital technology to create highly accurate and beautiful restorations.

CEREC Crown (Digital Technology) is the unique CAD (Computer Aided Design) / CAM (Computer Aided Milling) system for individual all-ceramic restorations in one single appointment, with the following advantages:

  • Digital impression
  • Receive your dental crown after tooth preparation in a single session (Patient will be informed of suitability during consultation)
  • No need for temporary fillings or crowns
  • Metal-free
  • Highly aesthetic
  • Long-lasting

The CEREC process entails:

  1. Intra-oral examination, X-rays and patient education
  2. Removal of decayed tissue or defective fillings
  3. Tooth preparation
  4. Creation of a 3D image of the tooth using the CEREC camera
  5. Designing of the new crown on the CEREC software
  6. Milling & manufacturing of the crown is done in-clinic in a milling machine
  7. Fitting and cementation of the crown directly on your tooth

The digital process removes the need for a second appointment and increases patient’s comfort as a traditional impression of the teeth is no longer needed.

Instead, a scanner is used to capture photographic images of the tooth preparation and these images are sent to a computer.

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