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ICON infiltration therapy treats intrinsic (internal) stains in a gentle and aesthetic manner. Intrinsic stains are brown or white tooth discolourations on teeth. They can be spots or bands on the smooth surface of the tooth.

In the past, these spots or bands are removed by removing precious tooth structure and replacing that portion with a tooth-coloured restoration. Now, the infiltration technique allows unsightly stains to be successfully removed with teeth whitening and gentle infiltration therapy. It is painless since no drilling is required.

White smile after ICON Resin Infiltration

ICON Dental Treatment Procedure

1) The tooth is cleaned and prepared with etching gel to create porosity at the surface layer.

Tooth is cleaned & prepared for ICON Therapy

2) A liquid resin known as ICON is flowed into the porous enamel (outer tooth structure).

Apply a liquid resin - ICON on the tooth surface

3) The resin is set with light.

Light cure the ICON Resin

4) We polish the ICON infiltrate (resin) that fills the discoloured spots.

Polish the ICON resin

The ICON infiltrate reflects light the same way as natural tooth enamel. The treated areas now appear visually similar to healthy tooth structure. If you wish to remove spots on your teeth, ask our dentists about gentle infiltration treatment with ICON today.

Causes of Brown/White Spots or Bands on Teeth

White teeth discolouration
Severe teeth discolouration
  • Arrested caries (Decay that did not progress into a cavity but ends up as a brown spot)
  • Fluorosis (caused by excessive fluoride exposure when young)
  • Enamel development defect caused by trauma or infection of primary teeth when the permanent tooth was developing
  • After removal of braces due to poor hygiene and incipient caries (first stage of tooth decay)

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