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With full mouth reconstruction, you now have the option to recreate your teeth individually, which allows you to correct imperfect bites, restore worn out and broken teeth, and enhance the appearance of your smile. Using the technology of modern prosthodontics, dental implants, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, teeth can be re-made, whitened and reformed, depending on the level of reconstruction required for each individual. The goal of our treatment is to properly align the jaw and rebuild damaged teeth.

When To Consider Full Mouth Rehabilitation

You are suitable for treatment if you have:

  • Short, worn teeth that are chipped and broken throughout the mouth
  • Loss of face height due to shorter teeth
  • Bite problems
  • Tooth loss
  • Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)
  • Headaches or Migraines

Below are examples of teeth which require full mouth rehab:

1) Loss of posterior teeth and support

Loss Back Teeth Example

2) Bruxism (Teeth grinding) and loss of posterior teeth

Teeth Grinding Example

3) Biting hard food with front teeth

Biting Hard Food Front Teeth Example

4) Congenital Defects in Enamel layer (Amelogenesis Imperfecta)

Congenital Defects example

5) Acid erosion which can be caused by severe vomiting during pregnancy (hyperemesis gravidarum), bulimia, gastric acid reflux, sports drinks and acidic food

Acid Erosion Example 1
Acid Erosion Example 2

Our Technology in Full Mouth Reconstruction

We offer current and quality dental technologies in restorative dentistry to rebuild one’s teeth, gums and surrounding teeth.

Teeth are restored with porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges or onlays. A dental implant-supported prosthesis or denture may also be used to replace missing teeth. Our team of dental specialists, including a prosthodontist, periodontist and oral and maxillofacial surgeon, work seamlessly together with our general dentists to bring you the end result—an enhanced appearance and restored function.

Advances in dental technologies and materials allow dentists to do longer-lasting cosmetic dental reconstructions without the use of metal.

For those who worry about pain during the restorative process, rest assured that there are many painless dentistry options to choose from today. You can take modern painkillers which have fewer side effects, painless injections for anaesthesia, or even IV sedation which induces a deep state of relaxation.

Make Your Dental Experience Comfortable

How Is Full Mouth Reconstruction Done?


  • At the first visit, accurate determination of present and potential dental problems is done through proper examination
  • Digital imaging, photos, intra-oral camera, and diagnostic models are used
  • A diagnostic wax-up or mock-up of the dental treatment outcome is created
  • A diagnosis and various dental treatment options are then created


  • The various dental treatment options would be presented to you
  • Advantages, disadvantages, treatment time and costs of each option will be carefully discussed
  • The dental treatment commences once you have decided on your ideal treatment option

Conditions such as loss of teeth or erosion can be effectively treated and restored to give you back your smile, function and confidence. Delay often worsens the problem and results in more complicated treatment solutions. If you think you suffer from these dental conditions, or would like to know what the full mouth rehabilitation entails, consult our specialists today.

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