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Orthodontics deals with the treatment of improper bites, which may result from tooth irregularity, disproportionate jaw relationships, or both. One type of treatment is braces. Braces can rearrange teeth and control or modify facial growth.

It can be carried out for cosmetic reasons such as improving the general appearance of one’s teeth and face, and for practical reasons like functionally improving one’s bite.

When left untreated, many orthodontic problems worsen, contributing to abnormal wear of tooth surfaces. This can lead to tooth decay and eventually, gum disease and tooth loss.

An orthodontist is a dental specialist in the treatment of dental and facial irregularities. They receive 3 years of training in a Master’s Program and an additional 2 to 3 years of hospital attachment and training. At The Dental Studio, our orthodontists are here to help you straighten your smile with accuracy and maintain it thereafter.

What Are The Different Types of Braces?

Metal Braces
Ceramic Invisible Braces
Self-Ligating Braces

Why Braces?

A nice smile is not only beautiful, it can also promote good health.

Benefits of straight and properly aligned teeth include:

  • Increased ease of maintaining oral health
  • More efficient chewing
  • Creating a better bite, which can reduce headaches and strain on your supporting bone and tissue

When To Consider Braces

The ideal age is usually 12 to 14 years old, when all the adult teeth have fully erupted. It is recommended for children to have an early examination at age 7 to determine the best time and type of treatment.

It is also not too late for adults to wear dental braces as long as you do not have dental conditions such as gum diseases. Dental disease should be treated before braces are commenced.

At The Dental Studio, we provide packages for adults and students (16 years and below) who require braces. You may call us for more information.

What To Expect With Braces

Discomfort and mild soreness is expected and experienced in the first 4 days to a week after braces are put on.

This is because your teeth are beginning to re-align and adjust to the pressure from the arch wire and elastic ties. If your pain threshold is low, and your teeth are not extremely crooked, clear removable aligners could be your best bet.

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