Take-Home Whitening Kit

Glossy white teeth is the envy of many. With our take-home teeth whitening kit; pearly white teeth is no longer just a dream. 

Our take-home whitening system is a gradual process, and results are visible in a week. This process requires a light solution of carbamide peroxide retained in a personalised tray that is applied over teeth.

home teeth whitening

The Process

  • Teeth impressions will be taken to make soft gel-holding appliances called teeth whitening trays (which closely resembles retainers)
  • You will be fitted with the trays and be given specific instructions to administer the teeth whitening gel
  • Follow the take-home directions and continue to upkeep good oral hygiene
  • Use the desensitising toothpaste provided during your teeth whitening period

Benefits of the Take-Home Whitening System

take home teeth whitening kit

Convenience: Whiten your smile at the privacy of your own home and availability. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes daily, or whiten while you sleep

Travel size: The kit is compact in size and hand-carry luggage approved

Safe and Non-invasive: There are no major side effects. The tooth surface is not eroded or removed during whitening

Maintain Results of In-clinic Teeth Whitening: An easy and fuss-free way to maintain the results you obtained post chairside teeth whitening

Improved Smile:  Smile with renewed confidence. A brighter smile accentuates the face

The take-home whitening system is highly affordable and removes the hassle of visiting a dental professional. You can whiten your teeth before an important event, at your convenience, and with ease. Teeth whitening kits are available in the following clinics:

  • The Dental Studio (Paragon)
  • The Dental Studio (OUE Downtown)

Teeth Whitening Maintenance

Teeth whitening from the home kit is not permanent and fades over time. To keep the teeth-whitening effect lasting as long as possible, we recommend regular visits to the dentist every 6 months to a year. Also, practise proper and effective tooth brushing methods and oral hygiene habits. Further good habits include cleaning your teeth properly before whitening and avoiding foods that may stain your teeth.

Learn more about our Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit when you book an appointment at one of our clinics. You can also call us for more info.

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