What to do when your child has a toothache

what to do when your child has a toothache
11 Sep 2018

What to do when your child has a toothache


If your child has a toothache, he or she will be able to identify exactly which tooth is painful by pointing to it.

Look carefully at the tooth with a torch or bright light. If there is a visible cavity on the tooth with food stuck inside it (image A), gently remove the food with the help of water.

Image A
Image B

Next look at the gum around the tooth (image B). Is it visibly swollen or has a “pimple” like in image B? If so, you can let your child rinse with some warm salt water. Do not touch the gum or apply anything to it.

If you have any paracetamol (Panadol) syrup you may give some to your child at the prescribed dose to temporarily alleviate the pain. A cold compress against the face may also help. You should then bring your child to see a dentist as soon as possible.

If your child suddenly develops a high fever and a rapidly swollen face around the painful tooth, you must seek dental attention immediately. If this occurs during a time when dental services are unavailable, bring your child to the nearest children’s hospital’s emergency department.

You can book an appointment with any of our friendly dentists today to check your child’s toothache. You can read more about our paediatric dental checks.

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