Advantages of Traditional Metal Braces

the advantages of traditional metal braces
23 May 2017

Advantages of Traditional Metal Braces

Metal Braces, Conventional Braces or Traditional Braces are the most popular and most common form of braces. They consist of metal brackets, rubber bands and an archwire that is fixated to the front of the teeth, using a special dental glue. They are typically made of high-quality stainless steel.

Metal braces are a cost-effective option that provides fun coloured rubber bands choices, making this a particularly good brace option for kids and teenagers.

There are some key advantages that metal braces have over other brace options:

  • Strength. Metal is very strong compared to other orthodontic treatment options. Plastic and ceramic brackets, on the other hand, are more fragile and break easily, so they may have to be replaced a few times throughout the treatment process.
  • Affordability. Traditional braces remain as one of the most affordable treatment option.
  • Versatility. Metal braces can tackle the most and severe cases of misaligned, crooked, spaced out and crowded teeth. Unfortunately, other options are not as versatile.
  • Variety. Metal braces are now available in various designs and colours, adding some fun and variety while wearing them.
  • Speed. A metal brace treatment is typically faster than other brace options.

To make an informed decision, it is important to review all available brace types and options with an expert. At The Dental Studio in Singapore, we will discuss the best brace option for you or your child in a consultation. To make an appointment with one of our experienced orthodontists call +65 6836 0050.

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