Fillings are used to treat a cavity due to decay, repair cracked or broken teeth caused by trauma or misuse such as nail biting or tooth grinding.

Traditionally, teeth are filled with gold and silver amalgam.

Highly aesthetic fillings are available in tooth-coloured, plastic (resin) materials known as composite resin fillings, or as ceramic restorations.

Fillings can be classified as direct or indirect restorations.

Direct restorations are usually small cavities and can be easily done in one visit. Common materials used are amalgam and composite resin.

Indirect restorations require two visits and are chosen when the cavity is large and stronger restorations are needed. Common materials used are gold and ceramic.

Modern aesthetic ceramic restorations use digital technology to create highly accurate and beautiful restorations.

CEREC is the unique CAD (compueter aided design) / CAM (computer aided milling) system for patient individual all-ceramic restorations in one single appointment.

It removes the need for a second appointment and increases patient’s comfort as an traditional impression of the teeth is no longer needed.

A scanner is used to capture photographic images of the cavity and these images are sent to a computer.