Why Use A Teeth Whitening Kit?

Glossy white teeth, the envy of many. Don’t you wish it could be yours? With our teeth whitening kit; pearly white teeth is no longer just a dream. For just a fraction of the price one would pay during a visit to the dentist; get the smile you’ve always wanted with our take-home teeth whitening kit.


Types Of Teeth Whitening Kits / Solutions

  • Whitening Toothpastes And Rinses – Certain toothpaste may have mild polishing agents that help remove food debris on the surface of teeth as you brush. Mouthrinses on the other hand often contain hydrogen peroxide that acts as a blanching medium to freshen up your breath and whiten your teeth with each rinse.
  • Whitening Strips And Chewing Gum – Whitening strips consists of small plastic strips that have a peroxide-gel side that you can place on the outer surface of your teeth. Doing so helps with whitening your teeth. You may use specially made chewing gum to remove food residue after eating each day. As chewing gum whiteners stimulates saliva that helps moisturize the mouth, this further acts as a layer of coating that helps prevent against staining.
  • Tray-Based Teeth Whiteners – Mostly sold in over-the-counter kits, these products come in a mouthguard-like tray that comprises of peroxide-based bleaching agents and a gel-based whitening solution. Your dentist can also provide you with a customized home whitening kit to further encourage teeth whitening. Impressions of your teeth will be taken before a tray is outfitted to fit your mouth; ensuring optimum comfort. These trays may be used once-a-day, with each session lasting anywhere from half an hour to an hour, for a period of up to two weeks.
  • In-Office Dental Whitening Treatment – With visible results in under an hour, an in-office dental whitening treatment remains the most expensive option on this list. As the procedure begins; a protective coating is administered to your lips and gum tissue. Next, the whitening gel is placed on your teeth. An ultraviolet lamp is then flashed onto teeth to trigger the ingredient in the gel. As this treatment usually involves a higher dose of bleaching, results are usually noticeable right away.

Our take-home whitening system is a gradual process and results can be seen in a week.


This process requires a light solution of carbamide peroxide retained in a personalized tray that is applied over teeth.


The process entails:

  • Teeth impressions will be taken to make soft gel-holding appliances called a teeth whitening trays (closely resembles a retainer)
  • You will be fitted with the trays and be given specific instructions to administer the advanced teeth whitening gel
  • Follow the take-home directions and continue to upkeep good oral hygiene
  • Use a desensitizing toothpaste provided during your teeth whitening period


Benefits of the Take-Home Whitening System

  • Convenience: Whiten your smile at the privacy of your own home and availability. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes daily, or whiten while you sleep
  • Travel size: The kit is compact in size and hand-carry luggage approved
  • Safe and Non-invasive: There are no major side effects. The tooth surface is not eroded or removed during the whitening
  • Maintain Results of Chairside Teeth Whitening: An easy and fuss-free way to maintain the results you obtained post chairside teeth whitening
  • Improved Smile:  Smile with renewed confidence. A brighter smile accentuates the face


The take-home whitening system is highly affordable and it removes the hassle of visiting a dental professional. You can whiten your teeth before an important event, at your convenience, and with ease.


Do’s & Don’ts (Before, After and During Teeth Whitening)

What You Should Be Doing Before

  • Do Practice Good Oral Hygiene Before Whitening: Should you be using over-the-counter whitening strips; it’s imperative to ensure that your mouth is cared for. This is especially evident if you have food buildup in your teeth as you won’t obtain desirable results. Flossing and brushing are integral parts of preparing, as is visiting your dentist for a thorough cleaning. To achieve optimum results, schedule your dental checkup right before you intend on going through whitening.


After Treatment


  • Avoid Food That Can Stain Your Teeth: Caring for your teeth during the first few days are the most crucial. Don’t smoke, avoid dark liquids / foods, use a straw to drink, brush and floss regularly. An important point to note; the less you indulge in food that stain your teeth, the more effective your results will last. 
  • Don’t Consume Acidic Food: Carbonated drinks contain acid that break down the enamel on your teeth, leaving them feeling porous and more susceptible to absorbing stains from the food you take. Consume these drinks often enough and you’ll notice teeth becoming yellow and dull in colour.



During Treatment


  • Do Apply Touch-Ups In Between Whitening Treatments: To have your smile being pearly white and to avoid having to go through whitening all over again, try opting for one day’s whitening application at least once or twice a month. Take caution not to apply the strips repeatedly as overusing them can cause your teeth to be painful and extra sensitive.


From the types of whitening kits available to the Do’s and Don’ts; caring for your teeth the right way essential. Armed with the newfound knowledge and desire to get pearly white teeth; you are now just steps away from getting the smile you’ve always wanted.


Teeth whitening kits are available in the following clinics:

  • The Dental Studio (Paragon)
  • The Dental Studio (OUE Downtown)


Learn more about our Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit when you book an appointment at one of our clinics. You can also call us for more info.