The take-home whitening system is a gradual process and results are usually seen in a week.

This system uses a mild solution of carbamide peroxide retained in a custom-fitted tray that is worn over teeth.

The process entails:

  • Teeth impressions will be taken to make  soft gel-holding appliances called a teeth whitening trays (closely resembles a retainer)
  • You will be fitted with the trays and be given specific instructions to administer the advanced teeth whitening gel
  • Follow the take-home directions and continue to upkeep good oral hygiene
  • Use a de-sensitising toothpaste provided during your teeth whitening period

Benefits of the Take-Home Whitening System:

  1. Convenience: Whiten your smile at the privacy of your own home and availability.  It only takes 15 -30 minutes daily, or whiten while you sleep
  2. Travel size: The kit is compact in size and hand-carry luggage approved
  3. Safe and Non-invasive: There’s no major side effects. The tooth surface is not eroded or removed during the whitening
  4. Maintain Results of Chair-side Teeth Whitening: An easy and fuss free way to maintain the results you obtained post chair-side teeth whitening
  5. Improved Smile:  Smile with renewed confidence. A brighter smile accentuates the face

The take home whitening system is highly affordable and it removes the hassle of visiting a dental professional. You can whiten your teeth before an important event, at your convenience, and with ease.