Your smile is important and is one of the first things noticed.

Your lifestyle and the body’s natural aging process can stain and darken your teeth. Many things we do on a regular basis can contribute to stained teeth, such as drinking coffee, tea, cola and red wine or smoking.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and the least invasive of cosmetic dental treatments, to brighten and whiten yellowing teeth.

Teeth whitening systems can be divided into Chairside Whitening systems and Take-Home Whitening systems.

The main difference is the speed at which the patient sees the results.

Teeth whitening is not harmful to the tooth and has no major side effects.

The tooth surface is not eroded or removed during the whitening process.

Some patients may experience sensitivity but it is usually temporary and will subside after a day.

Most of us would be suitable candidate for teeth whitening unless you suffer from or are:

  • Active gum disease
  • Uncontrolled and multiple caries
  • Pregnant or lactating female patients
  • Photo sensitivity
  • Enamel hypoplasia or severe attrition and erosion