Invisalign® is an alternative to straighten your teeth without braces.

The system is a 3-D computer imaging technology.

The system uses a series of clear removable retainers to straighten crooked teeth invisibly.

It is removable for daily necessities such as eating, drinking, brushing and special events.

No metal wires or bands to irritate your mouth. They are comfortable and convenient.

The process entails:
1. ExaminationAn orthodontist should assess your suitability with a proper consultation and examination for Invisalign® or conventional braces

Invisalign® is great for people who do not have severe problems, or severely crooked teeth.

2. Treatment PlanA treatment plan is developed specifically for you

Bite impressions of your teeth will be taken for the Invisalign® system to custom-mold a series of clear, removable aligners that will gradually move your teeth in an incredible new smile.

3. CreationYour aligners are created via precision computer mapping and design

4. WearingYou will receive your aligner series, switching to a new aligner every two weeks as your teeth move

5. Treatment Duration – You would need to wear each set of aligners night and day for a two weeks period, removing only to eat, brush and floss

Your teeth will move little by little with each aligner.

Your orthodontist will review the progress of your treatment regularly.

On average, treatment would last about a year.

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