Clear Removable Aligners vs Fixed Braces

07 May 2018

Clear Removable Aligners vs Fixed Braces

For those thinking of straightening their teeth, 2 options almost always come to mind. Clear removable aligners or fixed braces? Apart from one being almost invisible and the other being visible, what are the differences between the these 2 options? Read on to find out more!

1. Visibility Almost Invisible Visible
However, ceramic braces helps to reduce visibility as compared to conventional metal fixed braces
2. Presence of Bonded Attachments? Contrary to common belief that clear removable aligner treatment does not require any attachment to be bonded to teeth, most cases require some composite bonded attachments which are usually tooth-coloured. Definitely, Yes!
3. Compliance Level Required from Patient High compliance is needed as, obviously, teeth will move only if the patient wears the aligners. Low to moderate. Fixed braces are not removable. Success of treatment is less dependable on patient’s compliance.
4. Comfort Level Higher as compared to fixed braces as there will be less attachments on the teeth, Hence, lower incidences of abrasion/ulceration of the cheeks and lips. Lower as compared to clear removable aligners as there will be more attachments on the teeth.
5. Cost Higher than fixed braces More affordable
6. Overall Aesthetics Results of Treatment Good. (*removable aligners may not be able to achieve certain fine details and finishing touches that fixed braces can achieve) Very Good
7. Suitability Simpler cases Complex cases

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Dr Woo Mei Yee

Dr Woo graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from the National University of Singapore. She graduated with numerous awards, including the Dean’s list, the IADR book prize and the LC Lien book prize for being the best student in Orthodontics, Paediatric Dentistry, Periodontics and Dental Public Health. Dr Woo was also awarded the “Best Oral Presentation in Craniofacial Biology Research (IADR 1995 Prize)” for her Master Thesis at the 19th IADR (SEA) meeting.

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