Paediatric Dentistry is an age-defined specialty, just like Paediatric Medicine.

It encompasses all aspects of oral care in children from birth all the way to young adulthood. Most dentists are generally comfortable treating adolescents and primary school children from as young as ages 6 and up.

However, younger infants and pre-schooling children often present a challenge both in what they can understand, and what procedures they can cooperate with in the dental chair.

All parents know that a young child is not a small adult.

Similarly, baby teeth are different from permanent teeth and present with their own unique set of problems and treatment challenges.

We have already seen the devastating effect of Severe Early Childhood Caries in the toddler. The speed and extent to which the disease can spread often makes dental treatment in the young child very challenging.

Thus, risk assessment, prevention and treatment of dental diseases in young children very often require the expertise of a Paedodontist.


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