What is a Paedodontist/ Paediatric Dental Specialist?

A Paedodontist is a dental professional who has chosen to devote his or her time almost exclusively to the practice of children’s dentistry.

Consequently, all paedodontists are required to undergo further specialist training (usually 3 years) to be able to fully acquire the knowledge and skills needed to understand and manage your child.

Paedodontists specialise in all forms of pharmacological and non-pharmacological behavior management, and the diagnosis and treatment of all aspects of childhood dental diseases and emergencies.

Paediatric Dental Check Up in Singapore | The Dental Studio

Treating children with special needs (such as autism or Trisomy 21) and medical co-morbidities (such as epilepsy or heart conditions) fall exclusively within the realm of the paedodontist, who unlike general dentists, have access to hospital facilities.

Paedodontists are required to be registered as specialists with the Singapore Dental Council (SDC).

If you are unsure about whether your child’s dentist is a specialist, look for the presence of more than one dental degree after his or her name. You may also check the SDC registry to confirm that they have received further specialist training.

In addition to this, medical and dental specialists are registered with the Singapore Academy of Medicine, and you can check the registry to confirm their status.


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