Prosthodontics (Restorative dentistry) aims to restore the natural function and appearance of teeth and soft tissue as well as replacing missing tooth structure.

Prosthodontics rebuilds oral function through the use of dental crown, bridges, dentures and dental implants.

You have a choice of porcelain-fused-to-metal (porcelain overlaid over a metal substructure), or metal free restorations, depending on your oral condition.

Metal-free restorations are made from all ceramic (porcelain) systems such as Emax.

Just like your natural teeth, these metal-free restorations are able to reflect light naturally, enhancing your smile.

They are able to withstand biting forces, without any of the unnatural opaqueness or graying of the gum.

Our clinic is also equipped with a CEREC CAD-CAM (computer milling) technology which allows you to be fitted with a custom-made all ceramic dental restoration.

Depending on your oral condition, the restoration may be cemented after your tooth preparation, eliminating the need for a second visit or a temporary restoration.